Meet the Team


We are very proud of our team. Each person has a unique set of skills and approach. Together we are unstoppable!

Chris Compton, The Captain:


Chris has nearly 30 years of experience working with computers; having acquired his first computer at a young age and learning how to fix the computer every time he would break or crash it.  Prior to starting TCR Solutions, he worked for Microsoft doing tech support and later held several management positions at Keane.  In March, 2000; Chris founded TCR Solutions, Inc. with a dream of providing quality IT Services based upon honesty and integrity.  In fact, since the inception of the company, the motto has always been “Delivering Solutions, Not Surprises.”  Outside of TCR, Chris has many passions which include Traveling, Playing Music, Listening to Music, cooking, gardening, cycling, yoga, hiking, photography, eating out (he is a true foodie and loves to try different types of foods and restaurants).  Chris has an awesome son named Ryan who also happens to work for TCR in between his very busy school schedule.   Some of the things Chris intends to do one day are: Ride his bicycle from coast to coast and obtain a Captain’s license and sail a boat up the western and eastern coasts.  Chris understands that life can be short and makes every attempt to live life to the fullest each and every day; surrounding himself with family and friends and following his heart in everything he does.

John Matzek, The Wizard:


John became interested in computers during elementary school when he learned how to program in Logo. Since then he has run a BBS, written web sites, and used the internet before there were web browsers. John worked at Microsoft in Tucson where he met Chris Compton. John founded Logic IT Consulting in 2005 with a focus on proactive fixed rate IT services. In 2013, Logic and TCR merged into a single business. John has focused on managing servers and networks, and loves to plan and manage projects with the TCR team. John is also a musician, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and loves to ride his bicycle.

Shay Pedersen, The Voice of Reason:


Shay has been with TCR since 2010 working as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant. She oversees all of the day to day duties outside of the technical work and focuses on the business side. Outside of TCR, Shay is also a yoga and Pilates instructor, with 10 classes per week, and she loves teaching and the rewards it gives back to her. She is always active and enjoys hiking, gardening, biking, exercise, games, reading and writing, music and dancing, cooking and eating out at new places, and she always has some kind of project going on at home. Shay has 3 beautiful children that she adores and she loves spending time with them and watching them learn and grow. Family time is a must! Shay has a motto to live in the moment and enjoy life and follow your heart, and that is what she strives for day to day. Whether it be work or play or down-time, she lives to be happy and to hopefully bring happiness to those around her. One of her favorite quotes:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”—Micalea Smeltzer

Andrew Berg, The Rock Star:


Andrew has been working with TCR Solutions since 2014. He brings a strong customer service background to TCR and knows that behind every computer sits a person trying to get a job done. Under the mentorship of Chris and John, Andrew has developed the technical skills necessary to keep our customers networks operating efficiently. Andrew began his fascination with technology while learning how to record audio for the numerous musical projects he’s been a part of. His other interests include gardening, reading, yoga, and writing.

Keve Smith, The Guru:


Keve has been with TCR since 2015. Before that, he worked for several years in the consumer computer IT service and repair industry. Computers have always interested Keve. Originally this was sparked by gaming. Ever since upgrading his first IBM Aptiva with more memory to play Starcraft and Warcraft II, he has been hooked for life. To this day, his passion about advancements in this area means that he’s always working to stay up to date, specifically on computers, smartphones and gadgets. Keve’s one of those people that not only ‘needs’ the latest tech, but then immediately disassembles it just to know how it’s put together. It’s all fair game: graphics cards, cell phones, tablets, projectors and laptops. Outside of tech? What else is there? Music, gaming, and cooking. Oh, and beer. He’s a total beer snob.