Backing up your data

Let’s have a chat about backups, shall we?

There are a number of situations you can be in with your important data. Maybe you have your home computer with all your pictures and documents. Maybe your phone has a bunch of pictures and videos. Or maybe at your office, you have a server with all of your important work related information. No matter which situation you are in, it’s important to have a backup of your data so that you can easily restore everything in case there’s some kind of issue. Anything can happen, whether it’s a flood, theft, hardware failure, or ransomware virus. (see the previous news article!)

If you are looking to backup your phone, you can use itunes or other methods to backup your data from the phone to your personal computer. This is handy, but takes manual effort. We really like to use cloud services like dropbox to automatically back up pictures and videos. You may have to pay for a subscription if you exceed the small amount of free space available.

If you are looking to back up a home computer, we like Carbonite. For a small annual fee, you can get Carbonite setup to backup documents and pictures automatically. They offer free tech support for subscribers and the system will notify you if the backups stop working.

In an office environment with a server, you will want a more robust solution. One that will allow you to restore the entire server to working order without having to manually reinstall everything. At TCR we are a managed service provider for Shadowprotect, which is an amazing bit-level backup system that will allow us to restore an entire server to working order without having to set all your applications and security back up. This will even restore to a different physical type of server if it needs to be entirely replaced. Shadowprotect supports having both a local backup and an offsite backup of your data. While you could buy this product directly, we also have an amazing program where TCR provides a license for Shadowprotect as well as complete care for backups, restores, and offsite disaster recovery. For $200 a month per server, we will provide the software license, complete setup, monitoring, and unlimited restores of individual files or the entire server if needed, from local or offsite backup. We proactively care for the backup data, test it for integrity, and provide secure encryption for all the backup files. Please contact us if you would like to get started.