How Law Firms leverage technology and IT to build trust with clients

When it comes to the relationship law offices and law firms have with their clients, there’s just one word that matters: trust. At TCR, we maintain the same standard with our law firm clients as they do with theirs. That is why more and more law firms in Southern Arizona trust us to make sure their IT systems are safe, secure and accessible to their lawyers and administrative staff whenever they need them, by allowing us to leverage technology to their advantage.

We know the software law offices use inside and out. Our team is proficient with software technologies, some of which are MyCase, Sosmolex, PracticePanther, Clio, Legal Files, ZolaSuite, ActionStep, Perfect Practice, Digital War Room, and many others systems too. This means we integrate seamlessly into your firm’s system and are able to work around the clock to avoid time lost to outages. If a busy office is down for even half a day, the lost monetary and opportunity costs can be substantial. System failure, data loss, or exposure to viruses and malware, can all bring legal work to a grinding halt, and jeopardize your client’s information. TCR Solutions is dedicated to making sure this never happens — and if it does, we get our clients back up and running pronto through our managed services program.

It’s not just viruses, but also intrusion attempts such as hacking, spoofing and spamming, can compromise the work of law office. Check out our tips on preventing falling victim to hackers, with actions you can take yourself. For more robust support, our cyber security solutions are tailored to your actual needs, and protect the systems on which firms rely from data breaches and hackers. We make sure that legal professionals have secure remote network access whether they’re working from home, in a courthouse or at a client site. Your reputation is our reputation, especially when client data security is concerned. At TCR Solutions, we are there to protect legal IT systems day and night.

Whether you’re charting your legal strategy, doing the research, filing motions and briefs, preparing for court, or staying ahead of billing, you rely on your technology to perform when you need it. Even when the pressure is off, maintaining, backing up and updating your system is a constant process. TCR Solutions is dedicated to making sure you can get the job done by keeping your system up-to-date and protected.

Knowing your clients makes all the difference. We know how hard law offices work, and we’ve got them covered. Can we get your back too?