Renegades and Wranglers

How A Quick Consult with us Can Save Yer’ Fanny

Prologue: The latest and greatest technology always has a nice shiny appeal to it. Like a neon sign on the front of a saloon – there’s always a sizzlin’ Black Friday deal to pull you in, that will save you thousands on the latest and greatest, and all the bells and whistles to boot. The fastest and snazziest, plus its marked down with a smokin’ discount!  We’re not here to spoil yer’ fun. It could very well be red-hot deal you can’t pass up. But let us propose you this – Before you fall head-over-hooves and giddy-up for a good deal, give us a jingle.It will save you renegades a crackerbox of heartache.  


Too often, our proactive clients set out to make a great decision to upgrade their hardware or perhaps their software. While we fully support being proactive, the downside is often the renegade purchase isn’t compatible for their system. Now they’re the proud owner of a black friday deal that won’t work for their environment, and the sizzlin’ sale ends up costing more in time, money, and productivity. If you’re prone to ‘go rogue’ and purchase new equipment before consulting with us – just picture yourself jumping through hoops to uninstall, repackage, find receipts, and return it. We’re here to wrangle you into a new habit of contacting us at your first glimmer of desire to replace one of your system’s components.

We will look at your system as a whole, and guide you towards what will work optimally for your environment. Some common compatibility issues, at least with laptops and desktops that are purchased, are having a ‘home’ version of the operating system, which doesn’t support ‘network environments’.  Another issue is their system may not have adequate resources to support certain technologies, leading to less productivity and more costly IT expenses in the long run.  Additionally, systems built for ‘home’ use are not built to last and often fail within 1-3 years and have costly proprietary components, which outweigh the cost of repair.  “You get what you pay for” can often be the dead truth with technology.  

We’re here to wrangle you renegades, and save all of these hassles with just a quick call or email to our support team.  In most cases, there’s no billable time to discuss your technology needs and let us guide you to making the right choices.  As an extended department of your team, we have your greatest success in mind at all times.  Please let us steer you in the right direction, by welcoming us into conversations about your long term and short term goals, especially where technology may be involved. We love providing IT Support, and cyber security for our Tucson and nationwide clients!

Thanks for reading! Y’all come back now, ya hear?