Author: Katrina Willey

Is it time to upgrade your server? 5 factors to consider

“Servers are a businesses’ best friend!” Forget the diamonds! Research shows that your server is a man/woman’s best friend! Specifically a business owner’s best friend. Wait, what is a server? A server is hardware that stores, sends, and receives data. In essence, it “serves” something else and exists to provide services. Similar to how you maintain…

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Back That Thang Up!

So if you joined the party in hopes of hearing a Lil’ Wayne song, well… we have something EVEN better to talk about! Today we wanted to talk about one of our most frequently asked questions – backing up that data. Data backups are pretty much a necessity in today’s world. When you have a…

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Overcome the Supply Chain Disruption with Good Planning

Supply chains aren’t historically built on a foundation of flexibility. They are anything but agile, and definitely can’t anticipate quick changes in the marketplace.  Unfortunately for both your business and ours, they’re built on fragmented systems that are unable to withstand sudden supply and demand shifts (kinda like the one we’ve been riding out for...Read More

Why Mesh Matters

Did you know that we highly recommend mesh networks to our clients who have busy offices, multiple devices, or have staff that need to be moving around with uninterrupted internet connectivity during their work day? What in the world is a mesh network? Simply put, a mesh network is a group of access points that...Read More

Renegades and Wranglers

How A Quick Consult with us Can Save Yer’ Fanny Prologue: The latest and greatest technology always has a nice shiny appeal to it. Like a neon sign on the front of a saloon - there’s always a sizzlin’ Black Friday deal to pull you in, that will save you thousands on the latest and...Read More